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Video game stocks: Thumbs at the ready
23Nomor dari simbol
We've come a long way since Pacman. Here's our pick of the companies ahead of the (video) game.
Saham Fashion AS: Strut barang-barang anda
77Nomor dari simbol
The trendiest fashion stocks on the market, and the price tags to match.
Meat stocks: Sink your teeth into these
29Nomor dari simbol
These meaty stocks are sure to fill up your portfolio with the protein it needs to thrive.
Female-led stocks: Who rules the world?
47Nomor dari simbol
Who run the world? GIRLS. If Beyonce says it, it must be true, and these stocks are the proof.
Space stocks: To infinity and beyond
23Nomor dari simbol
Billionaires may have made it to the moon, but the space industry is just getting started, and the sky is far from the limit.
Elon Musk stocks: Musk a move
14Nomor dari simbol
This techno-king is known for moving markets in a big way. Can you keep up?
Environmentally friendly stocks: Going green
27Nomor dari simbol
It's not easy being green, or so sang Kermit. But these guys are doing a pretty good job.
Trucking stocks: Keep on truckin'
36Nomor dari simbol
Trucking may not sound sexy, but it can still pack a punch. Here's how to make your portfolio road-friendly.
Cruise stocks: Taking to the high seas
18Nomor dari simbol
It's not just sun seekers who like cruising. Investors can earn a pretty penny from this massive tourism sector.
Gold stocks: All that glitters…
26Nomor dari simbol
Everyone loves something shiny. These gold stocks are treasure when it comes to hedging your bets.
Bitcoin forks: “Stick a fork in it… oh, now there’s two of them.”
21Nomor dari simbol
These tokens decided to add a little edge. Take a look at the forks that left everyone scratching their heads.
Alt forks: The path less taken. But still pretty profitable
12Nomor dari simbol
It's not just Bitcoin that makes the headlines. These digital coins have also forked down the path less taken.
Stablecoins: Strong, stable, and fully decentralized. Ish.
19Nomor dari simbol
We know the crazy world of crypto can be daunting, so here are some tokens linked to something solid.
Storage crypto: Crypto meets Dropbox
22Nomor dari simbol
Decentralize someone’s dog pictures… and get paid for it? Live the dream with these blockchain-based storage coins.
Interest-earning crypto wallets: Put your digital money to work
10Nomor dari simbol
Why not let your crypto wallet earn its keep while you're out crushing the market?
Greenwashing stocks: Companies involved in environmental scandals
18Nomor dari simbol
Green is the new black, but some of these companies don't seem to have got the memo.
Wallstreetbets stocks: Making the meme
41Nomor dari simbol
Retail investors unite! Check out the meme stocks that have benefited big from the social media frenzy.
Gen 2: Crypto is here to stay - and it's brought some friends…
30Nomor dari simbol
After Gen 1 came a period of refinement, kickstarted with the founding of Ethereum in July 2015.
Gen 1 crypto: Humble beginnings…
16Nomor dari simbol
Even the biggest beasts have to start somewhere. Gen 1 starts with the birth of our beloved Bitcoin in Jan 2009.
IoT: Scalable, secure, and able to restock your refrigerator
22Nomor dari simbol
Our computers aren't the only things connected to the internet. Expand your mind with these utility tokens.
Top Alt coins: Stepping outside the box
24Nomor dari simbol
Altcoins encompass about 40% of market volume. Basically, they're not Bitcoin.
Proof of Stake: Seeking validation?
23Nomor dari simbol
These coins have adopted the greener Proof of Stake concept, considered by some as the future of crypto.
Proof of Work: Embracing the crunch
22Nomor dari simbol
Some crypto stocks to (Proof of) Work into your portfolio. See what we did there?
Gen 3 crypto: A new day dawns…
27Nomor dari simbol
Welcome to the future, where crypto is king. Here are some of the currencies developed post-2017.
Hong Kong stocks: Gateway to China
30Nomor dari simbol
Fast-growing, attractive, and a hotspot for internationals – three things that describe both Hong Kong and its stock market.
Self-drive stocks: Cars of the future
20Nomor dari simbol
Self-driving cars have gone from being a thing of the future to a very real feature of today. Here's our pick of the best.
Marijuana stocks: Smokin' hot pot
34Nomor dari simbol
Cannabis, at least legal forms, has become big business – and the companies selling it are raking in the big bucks.
Brazil stocks: Beautiful and bountiful
47Nomor dari simbol
Brazil's 1990s liberalization opened the floodgates, and investors have been benefiting ever since.
Indian stocks: Racing ahead
50Nomor dari simbol
Home to over a billion people, India offers a whole heap of potential.
Covid stocks: Remote returns
29Nomor dari simbol
The 2020 Covid pandemic kickstarted some serious climbers – but can they keep up the momentum?
Tech stocks: Switched on securities
37Nomor dari simbol
Get your portfolio turned up to the max with these top tech stocks to watch.
Recession-proof stocks: Bucking the trend
29Nomor dari simbol
An economic downturn is bad for everyone... but what about those stocks that benefit from year-round demand?
Chinese stocks: Chasing the dragon
29Nomor dari simbol
Massive domestic demand, boatloads of innovation, and super competitive production costs. It's a win-win-win.
Japan: Land of the rising stocks
28Nomor dari simbol
From your games console to the car you drive, you've probably used something made in Japan today.
US stocks: All-American heroes
42Nomor dari simbol
The US stock market hosts some of the biggest companies in the world, and we can't imagine a life without Uncle Sam.
Moonshot stocks: Ready for lift-off?
26Nomor dari simbol
These moonshot companies are set for meteoric rises. Can you spot the ones on the way up?
Saudi stocks: Edging away from oil
30Nomor dari simbol
Foreign investment is the name of the game in this desert-filled country, which is rich in oil reserves and culture.
UAE stocks: City of Gold
40Nomor dari simbol
The UAE's economy is as blindingly bright as its twinkling buildings and scorching sun.
AI stocks: Rise of the machines
33Nomor dari simbol
The robot revolution is here, with big companies around the world making use of high tech AI at every turn.
South Korean stocks: Electric opportunities
43Nomor dari simbol
Geography may not be on South Korea's side, but its market-leading electronics companies certainly are.
Bermuda stocks: Can anyone say "tax haven"?
34Nomor dari simbol
An underwater paradise and one of the largest offshore electronic securities markets in the world.
Bachelor party stocks: Everything but the hangover
35Nomor dari simbol
Everything you could ever need for the perfect bachelor party. You're welcome.
Funniest stock tickers
23Nomor dari simbol
A quick giggle at a naughty or nice ticker to brighten up your portfolio.
ETH-based crypto: Copy, paste, profit
25Nomor dari simbol
Ethereum forms the basis of the growing DeFi market, and here are some of our favourite ETH-based tokens.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi): "There's an app for that!"
18Nomor dari simbol
Like the Swiss Army Knife of crypto, DeFi apps are digital tools that strip away the middleman.
Up-and-coming crypto: The best of the rest
24Nomor dari simbol
Combining the best of digital innovation and modern fintech, here are some of the top alternative options.
Legacy stocks: Keeping it in the family
57Nomor dari simbol
From big cheeses like Walmart to mom-and-pops made good, there are listed family businesses than you might think.
Airline stocks: Ready for take-off?
37Nomor dari simbol
Whether it's budget budget baby, or first class all the way, these airline stocks will get you going.
Taiwan stocks: Booming electronics
43Nomor dari simbol
Taiwan is a young country, but since its breakaway from China it's built one of the region's strongest economies.
Turkish stocks: Exports ahoy
44Nomor dari simbol
Popularity can be a fickle thing, so tread carefully in this export-focused stock market.
Political stocks: The corridors of power
26Nomor dari simbol
The government has its fingers in a lot of pies, and when it makes a move, the ripple effect can be real…
Biotech stocks: A shot in the arm
27Nomor dari simbol
Though most would happily forget the 2020 pandemic, these biotech stocks have gotten a shot in the arm.
UK stocks: Best of British
29Nomor dari simbol
It might be small in size but it's mighty in stature.
Food delivery stocks: Feeding the masses
15Nomor dari simbol
Covid-19 was a gift for food delivery firms. Here are some stocks that enjoyed the silver lining of lockdown.
Vegan stocks: Meat-free
19Nomor dari simbol
A meat-free diet is no longer seen as a niche lifestyle, so here's a bunch of companies cooking up a vegan storm.
Olympic Sponsors Stocks: Going for Gold
61Nomor dari simbol
It's been a tough old year, but the Olympic Games give the whole world a chance to pull together.
Media stocks: Life in the spotlight
42Nomor dari simbol
Content may be King, but these stocks are the Kings of Content.
World's oldest companies: Old age perfomers
20Nomor dari simbol
With age comes wisdom, and these companies have both in bucket-loads.
Casino stocks: On the house
27Nomor dari simbol
The casino market is on the up and up, so maybe its time to think about moving your bets over.
Weird and wonderful: Odd stocks!
21Nomor dari simbol
Take a dive into the world of the weird, and the wonderful ways these niche stocks can make (or take) your money.