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Saham-saham makanan: Perusahaan dengan bahan-bahan yang tepat

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Residing at the start of the supply chain, food production and processing companies provide staples that we consumers gobble up on a daily basis. In fairly literal terms, food production essentially involves taking raw materials and making them ready-to-eat products, while processing companies make them ready for consumers or businesses. These companies are heavily relied upon by grocery stores and restaurants to supply them with enough produce to fill the shelves and to consistently meet a certain standard. What usually defines the best from the rest? Well, put simply: those that can produce the best and most from the fewest amount of raw materials.

This Spark lists food production and processors with market capitalizations over 5bn. Therefore, this does not include supermarkets, restaurants, or food delivery services. Remember, though: this Spark is just a set of ingredients. What you do with them is up to you. Do your own research before sticking anything in the investment oven.


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