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This study is mostly beneficial for intraday traders. It is basically a user-friendly "colorful" representation of the $TICK chart with highlighted $TICK extremes. This indicator also includes: a simple trend gauge that can visualize the bias for the day, cumulative tick cloud which is showing the cumulative strength of either longs & shorts on the day.

$TICK Trend Gauge
Although it is just a exponential moving average. This average (default set on 20) works quite well as an overall gauge for the day. Whenever the gauge is green (above zero), any negative $TICK values below -500 can offer great pullback opportunities. Same applies for the red gauge. 20 EMA is below zero ? Great time to fade any +500 or +1000 tick readings. Obviously the gauge can be ajdusted to any number based on personal style.

$TICK Extremes (little triangles)
These little triangles are triggered anytime $TICK jumps above or below the pre-set values of +1000 or -1000. By just simply observing the $TICK triangles during the day can tell you how much volaility or pressure there is. Sometimes there will be 20 green triangles and only 2 red ones. That obviously mean there is a strong bearish pressure. But there will be days when you are not going to see any triangles at all which can mean there is either a low volatility or the price is stuck in the indecisive market.

Cumulative $TICK Cloud
Cumulative $TICK by itself is a great study for day traders. It is basically running "counting" $TICK that is adding the previous $TICK values from previous bars. Cumulative $TICK can create a direct picture of the current market sentiment. It is not just a simple green / red line but a cloud that can really show you the depth on the $TICK. Some days, the cloud will be quite wide which is a good sign for the strength to one side, but sometimes the cloud will be so narrow it will practically disappear. This would be telling you the exact opposite - not much conviction to any side. Of course the depth as well as the color of the cloud can change during the day.

$TICK & Cumulative $TICK Tables
By just looking at these tables. You can immidiately tell the state of the current $TICK. They both can be red or green. It all depends whether the values are positive or negative. The tables are just a little visual addition to the whole $TICK study.

Hope it helps.
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Update - Added NYSE & NASDAQ Market Breadth Ratios.
The breadth ratios can show you the general state of the market. These labels are pretty much self-explanatory. Both green? That is a good signal of market health. Both red? Markets mood is leaning more towards the bearish side.

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