SuperTrend ATR + RSI with signal

This is an updated version of Crée par J.Dow's very interesting indicator- myself and Squiggles added the alert function in there. The original description and explanation can be seen here.

Some settings work better than others on different timeframes- have a play around, I'd be interested in seeing what optimum settings you might be able to find.

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I just recently added this indicator to my charts and I'm really liking it so far. I have the Super Trend set at 1 and the ATR at 100. I'm using it on the 5m chart with the Heikin Ashi candles.
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@DDMyke, Not tried those settings before, will have a play around with it, thanks!
The indicator doesn't appear in the public library if you search Supertrend but if you search Supertrend ATR then it shows up.
It has the same title as the older version so they probably don't list duplicates or something, try change the title of the indicator.

Works well btw, SuperTrend setting #2 works good on the M5 + M1 (no point adjusting any other settings, makes no real difference)
Works well as a filter for entry signals.
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I couldn't find your indicator.
ippp0031 Pro_hacker_trader
@Pro_hacker_trader, Do you mean it doesn't appear in the public library?
@ippp0031, yes
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