Market Share Analysis

I've been working on this new indicator to compare, for example, BTCUSD with it's market share or market dominance.

Market Share is the Coin's market cap divided by Total Market Cap. For example, Bitcoin Market Share is currently sitting around 45.7 %
Meaning, Bitcoin is around 45% of the total market of cryptocurrencies.

This indicator has different configurations you should pay attention.
1- Output:
- Market Share Change: this is the percentage change for market share from bar to bar moving up and down from a central line.
- Market Share: this is the close price from the market share symbol selected above.
2- Highlight:
- Divergences: Divergences shows the moment when the price rises and the dominance decreases or vice-versa. Divergences has extra config parameters (explained below).
- Rising/Decreasing: This plots a background red color when the market share price is below its MA(20) line and green background when it's above this line.
3- Show Abnormal signs:
This will print a plus sign in the market share chart when the market dominance rises or decreases too fast (Try changing StDev from 2.0 to 3.0)
4- Divergences:
Divergences has extra config parameters. For example, we want the price to rise or decrease 1% to show a divergence with the market share. Otherwise, it's not as important for us. Also, we can accept to consider an abnormal volume in the divergence or not.

I've noticed when bitcoin rises in market share, it's doing or it's preparing for a Big Move. Usuallyl altcoins are dumping and Bitcoin gains the main attention. Best place to be is BTC.
I've also noticed when USDT.D dominance rises, means a big dump is happening or it's close to happen. The capital flow from different coins to Tether.

I have also observed the Bitcoin dominance divergences show us the moments of panic sell in the market. During those moments of extremely selling pressure, the capital flows from Alts to BTC again gaining market share when the price is dropping hard.

This indicator allow us to change the symbol to any other like for example ETH.D. I encourage you to go to ETHUSD pair from your favorite exchange in 4H time-frame and change the symbol from this indicator to match ETH.D to have the Ethereum Market share to compare one next to each other.
You're going to find amazing divergences and rising/decreasing moments. Also, try looking at ETHBTC, and then check for ETH.D dominance. Amazing divergences will appear. I hope these are good signs for you too.

To reference any other symbol rather than BTC.D you can easily change the symbol to any other option like:
BTC.D => Ethereum Market Share
ETH.D => Ethereum Market Share
XRP.D => XRP Market Share
All these tickers are from CRYPTOCAP. So the correct ticker name would be for example: CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D to have the Bitcoin Market Dominance calculated by Trading View.

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Good trades!

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