Varadi Oscillator

The Varadi Oscillator (VDO) is a leading indicator first proposed by David Varadi and originally aim to reduce the influence of the trend component in oscillators. The DVO can be described as a rolling percent rank of detrended prices over a certain lookback period. The detrending process used for the calculation of the indicator is based on the simple moving average of the ratio between the closing price and median ( hl2 ) price.

Both the length of the percent rank and the moving average used for detrending can be adjusted by the user. We can see that the VDO can lead price movements.

Don't have time to post anything else, if the indicator is too simple, moderators can feel free to remove it and ban me for some time, won't complain.
Catatan Rilis: Added David blog in the comments, make sure to check it out.
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Alex, you are a very valued member of the TV community, and I always check out your scripts no matter how small they are! especially the simplified LSMA equation.
keep on keeping on Alex
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+3 Jawab
nice indicator, don't know why U r not happy with it)
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Thank you so much
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I am happy to seeing your back to posting a new post Alex!
Appreciated <3
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very bravo
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Thank you so much Alex. Interesting Indicator.
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Thanks for interesting indicator. Will read the documentation linked as well.
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Monsieur Grover, I examine and attempt to understand ANY and ALL new publications that you create. Your trustworthy and analytical concepts and opinions reach and affect minds far beyond what your eyes can clearly see. My apologies for becoming complacent as an onlooker rather than expressing the appreciation I feel through the comments box. So don't for one second selfishly think that any bannings bestowed on you only affect you....AND thank you for what you bring to us/those that cannot put into code the thoughts and ideas that are in our heads. Peace brother.
alexgrover ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, I see, well I am more than fine receiving a ban if it's justified, there is really no problem with that. But thx for checking out all my scripts, it makes me happy :D
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