Binance Premium Index


An indicator with official Binance premium index data for BTC and a bunch of altcoins.

The premium index is based on the difference in price between the perpetual swap contract last price and the price of a volume weighted spot index.
Simply put: it shows you for each coin whether the spot market is trading higher than the Binance perp or not.


Premium index for:
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • BNB
  • ADA
  • DOGE
  • DOT
  • UNI
  • SOL
  • LINK

There's also an average premium based on the premiums of all these coins combined.

You can also choose in the settings to display all the premiums at the same time.
This makes it easy to find outliers.

There are two extra features that need some explaining.

First of all: the clamp.
It doesn't happen often, but sometimes as a result of massive liquidation cascades there's temporarily a huge spot premium (or derivs premium, but usually spot premium).
In such a scenario the value of the premium dwarfs all other historical data and the indicator becomes nearly unreadable.

The clamp option allows you to put a cap on how extreme the values can get so that the indicator becomes easier to read again.

In the settings you can also change what you want the max value to be.

When you select the option that shows all premiums you'll definitely run into this problem as well.

But you can put a clamp on these too.

The second option is more straight forward: smoothing.
The premium can sometimes be a bit all over the place. It's possible to display the data as a smoothed moving average .
Here's an example of the raw data of the global average premium.

Now with smoothing. Looks a lot more clean.

This premium index data is what the funding rate is based on.
Thus it has a direct impact on the perpetual swap contract.

If there's a spot premium (negative values in green) funding will be negative and shorts will have to pay longs.
If there's a derivatives premium (positive values in grey) funding will be positive and longs will have to pay shorts.

Simply put, a spot premium is usually bullish and a derivatives premium is usually bearish .

A lot of people look at this stuff when it comes to bitcoin , but for altcoins it's also definitely relevant.
So here's an indicator with the premium index for 10 different coins.
I don't use more than 10 coins because otherwise the indicator will become very slow.

If you want access to the indicator send me a private message so we can discuss it.
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Instruksi penulis

Send me a private message if you want access so we can discuss it.

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