Log MFI - Money Flow Index

The main concept was to make a bound oscillator calculate with a formula that places emphasis on the mean averages. Ideally this would mean that the oscillator won't have a tendency to swing into overbought/oversold condition and cause whipsaw. Using log is a way to increase the signal to noise ratio, with the regular MFI still plotted.

This indicator is best used in confluence with price action swings, where volume would normally be the highest.
Skrip open-source

Sejalan dengan semangat TradingView, penulis skrip ini telah mempublikasikannya secara open-source, sehingga para trader dapat memahami dan memverifikasinya. Salut untuk sang penulis! Anda dapat menggunakannya secara gratis, tetapi penggunaan kembali kode ini dalam publikasi diatur oleh Tata Tertib. Anda dapat memfavoritkannya untuk dapat menggunakannya didalam sebuah chart.

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Thanks for this, seems to be very useful.
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This is really awesome..... thanks neobutane for all the scripts and knowledge
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