Planetary Ruler - Sun

Hi Traders,

The objectives of this script are:
1. you can see the planetary schedule in certain periods (you can double check it in
2. you can see the correlation between planetary aspects and market reaction (is it turning or is it a swinghigh/ low? )

Those Dates are the planetary aspect happened (history & future), so when the planetary aspects arrived, we can forecast the turning or swinghigh/low in the market (cryptos, stocks, commoditties & indices)

in history we can observe what happened in stocks market if Sun Trine Saturn (example), if it made a turning or swinghigh/low,
and if the same planetary aspects happen again (in this case is Sun Trine Saturn), we can expect or forecast the turning or swinghigh/low will be happen again (history repeat itself).

Those lines are just a simply vertical lines that can help us backtesting easily, hopefully we can take profit from this planetary aspects..

Here is a glimpse of Financial Astrology..


Astrology is the study of the relationship between movements and interactions of the planets and human behaviour.
Financial Astrology is the study of the link between the movements and interactions of the planets with market behaviour

The alignment of planetary energy tends to provide a push or a force in one direction or another, can be positive or negative energies.

In financial astrology, each planet has a specific meaning.

Listed below is a general, simplified guide to how planets seem to affect current market movements, or what’s signified in a nation’s economy (after noting the aspects involved). In parentheses are the relevant industries to which each planetary energy belongs or ‘rules’.

Sun: Confidence, energy, often represents the business itself or its figurehead (Precious Metals speculation/stock market).

Mercury: Speed, movement and the principle of trading itself (telecommunications, the Media, publishing, travel and transport in general, footwear).

Venus: Small growth – traditionally the ‘minor benefic’ (clothing and fashion, the cosmetic industry, places of leisure/entertainment).

Mars: Energy, activity, speed, competition – traditionally the ‘minor malefic’ (sport, the military, weapons and armaments, steel).

Jupiter: Growth, expansion, high confidence (but also over-reaching ) success and speculation – traditionally the ‘Greater Benefic’ (‘Bull Markets’, banking, brokering, gambling institutions legal issues/law courts).consumer goods

Saturn: Stability, limits, downturns, pressure, low confidence, impediments, contraction – traditionally the ‘Greater Malefic’ (‘Bear Markets’, agriculture, construction, building and real estate).

Uranus: Change and volatility (the WorldWideWeb, inventions, digital technology, computing and innovation, the aeronautics industry; exploration/discovery, electricity, science and biotechnology).

Neptune: Uncertainty, often a negative for markets: unrealistic expectation (the advertising industry, fashion/glamour, shipping and maritime matters, tobacco/ alcohol, minerals, oil , medicine).

Pluto: Great power and its use, manipulation, drastic change – can represent Plutocracies, big business and monopolies (stocks and bonds, mining, nuclear industry, international crime and the Underworld).

This Planetary Aspects & Transits script (separately) only include:

1. Sun
2. Mercury
3. Venus
4. Mars
5. Jupiter
6. Saturn
7. Uranus
8. Neptune
9. Pluto


1. Conjuntion
2. Sextile
3. Square
4. Trine
5. Opposition

you can combine using 1 or more planets and aspects to get the best swinghigh/low or turning, due to time lag & time delay, +/- 1 day is stil valid for the turning or swinghigh/low

here are some examples of Planetary Ruler:

Planetary Ruler - Sun



Planetary Ruler - Mercury



Planetary Ruler - Venus



Planetary Ruler - Mars



Planetary Ruler - Jupiter




Planetary Ruler - Saturn



Planetary Ruler - Uranus



Planetary Ruler - Neptune



Planetary Ruler - Pluto



when you subscribe, you will get:
1. Planetary Aspects & Transits (9 Planets)
2. Retrogrades
3. Moon Phase, Moon Eclipse & 4 seasons
4. Easy Aspects (Trine & Sextile)
5. Hard Aspects (Opposition, Square & Conjuntion)
6. Gann Seasoanal Dates
7. Sun Ingress Zodiac
9. The symbols & dates will keep updated in the future

Catatan Rilis:
script updated

What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

(Ecc 1 : 9)
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Instruksi penulis

how to use: 1. click the indicator 2. move it to existing pane above 3. and you can play around the planetary aspects & transits 4. the turning or swinghigh/low is +/-1 day 5. you can combine 2 planets &aspects or more 6. DM me for the trial access

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