Gap-O-Matic checks whether there is a gap in a user-defined security or symbol and gives you alerts, targets for the gap and tracks the gap until it has been filled. In addition, you can disable or show plots, and change the gap threshhold to pick how big of gaps you want Gap-O-Matic to alert you to and which it should ignore.

A good use case, for example, is to use Gap-O-Matic to monitor a CME / CBOE such as "BTC1!" while trading a bitmex chart. You wont need to check or chart out gap areas. Gap-O-Matic will automatically draw in the gaps on your chart for you.
Catatan Rilis: Added a threshhold input to allow securities or currencies that are less than 0
Fixed several bugs
Plot styles are now changeable, and the default plots are a lot cleaner

More updates to come in the future

Please shoot me a message if you find a bug or any issues/questions
Catatan Rilis: Fixed reversed alerts
Skrip terproteksi
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