Kalman Filtered ROC & Stochastic with MA Smoothing

The "Smooth ROC & Stochastic with Kalman Filter" indicator is a trend following tool designed to identify trends in the price movement. It combines the Rate of Change (ROC) and Stochastic indicators into a single oscillator, the combination of ROC and Stochastic indicators aims to offer complementary information: ROC measures the speed of price change, while Stochastic identifies overbought and oversold conditions, allowing for a more robust assessment of market trends and potential reversals. The indicator plots green "B" labels to indicate buy signals and blue "S" labels to represent sell signals. Additionally, it displays a white line that reflects the overall trend for buy signals and a blue line for sell signals. The aim of the indicator is to incorporate Kalman and Moving Average (MA) smoothing techniques to reduce noise and enhance the clarity of the signals.

Rationale for using Kalman Filter:
The Kalman Filter is chosen as a smoothing tool in the indicator because it effectively reduces noise and fluctuations. The Kalman Filter is a mathematical algorithm used for estimating and predicting the state of a system based on noisy and incomplete measurements. It combines information from previous states and current measurements to generate an optimal estimate of the true state, while simultaneously minimizing the effects of noise and uncertainty. In the context of the indicator, the Kalman Filter is applied to smooth the input data, which is the source for the Rate of Change (ROC) calculation. By considering the previous smoothed state and the difference between the current measurement and the predicted value, the Kalman Filter dynamically adjusts its estimation to reduce the impact of outliers.

The indicator utilizes a combination of the ROC and the Stochastic indicator. The ROC is smoothed using a Kalman Filter (credit to © Loxx:, which helps eliminate unwanted fluctuations and improve the signal quality. The Stochastic indicator is calculated with customizable parameters for %K length, %K smoothing, and %D smoothing. The smoothed ROC and Stochastic values are then averaged using the formula ((roc + d) / 2) to create the blended oscillator. MA smoothing is applied to the combined oscillator aiming to further reduce fluctuations and enhance trend visibility. Traders are free to choose their own preferred MA type from 'EMA', 'DEMA', 'TEMA', 'WMA', 'VWMA', 'SMA', 'SMMA', 'HMA', 'LSMA', and 'PEMA' (credit to: © traderharikrishna for this code:

The indicator's buy signals (represented by green "B" labels) indicate potential entry points for buying assets, suggesting a bullish trend. The white line visually represents the trend, helping traders identify and follow the upward momentum. Conversely, the sell signals (blue "S" labels) highlight possible exit points or opportunities for short selling, indicating a bearish trend. The blue line illustrates the bearish movement, aiding in the identification of downward momentum.

The "Smoothed ROC & Stochastic" indicator offers traders a comprehensive view of market trends by combining two powerful oscillators. By incorporating the ROC and Stochastic indicators into a single oscillator, it provides a more holistic perspective on the market's momentum. The use of a Kalman Filter for smoothing helps reduce noise and enhance the accuracy of the signals. Additionally, the indicator allows customization of the smoothing technique through various moving average types. Traders can also utilize the overbought and oversold zones for additional analysis, providing insights into potential market reversals or extreme price conditions. Please note that future performance of any trading strategy is fundamentally unknowable, and past results do not guarantee future performance.
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