VWAP angle Trend

The VWAP Angle Trend is an indicator built with the aim of providing valuable insights into the reversal points of the #VWAP using Angle

This is achieved by calculating the angle between the current VWAP and its previous value over a customizable lookback period and normalizing it with ATR

By analyzing the angle, we can gain an understanding of the strength and direction of the VWAP, which can help them identify potential trend reversals or continuations.

After observing the market over a lengthy period, I have come to realize that as the angle increases above 65 or decreases under -65, it confirms a higher likelihood of a trend reversal.

the indicator highlights these zones where a trend reversal is more likely to occur.

The indicator can help you to assess the strength and direction of VWAP, enabling you to make more informed trading decisions.
By identifying periods of strong momentum or potential exhaustion, you can seek opportunities for entering or exiting positions, and potentially capitalize on trend movements in the market.

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