Fusion: Aroon trend matching with dual thresholds 2

Same as previous one, just making the code publicly available.

You set an upper and lower threshold and when both are met a direction is determined.

I use this primarily as a confirmation indicator of a trend.

The addition to the normal Aroon is simply the threshold settings and the visuals. There is even an option to see the length you are using which I find useful when the length is long, say 40+ so you don't forget that it's considerably longer than how it's normally used.

Additionally it defaults to the normal colors we are familar with for up and down (long/short) but you can choose Aroon colors if you wish with just a checkbox.

The length is certainly not optimized so set to whatever suits your needs. The Aroon default is 14, I used 6 for one particular case so that's what it ended up being for this indicator.

I default to a dark theme so if you are using a light theme you may need to change some brightness settings.

Finally, if you find value please do make a comment, give a thumbs up etc.

Enjoy and good luck!
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