Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Stochastic RSI

Combined plot of RSI and StochRSI
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Catatan Rilis: Please check out my other indicators sets and series, e.g.
  • LIVIDITIUM (dynamic levels),
  • AEONDRIFT (standard deviation bands),
  • FUSIONGAPS (MA based oscillators),
  • MAJESTIC (Momentum/Acceleration/Jerk Oscillators),
  • PRISM (PSAR based oscillator, with RSI/StochRSI as well as Momentum/Acceleration/Jerk indicators),
  • and more to come.
Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome.
Catatan Rilis: Introduced a number of new features: i.e. plots rescaling options & auto-normalisation, and a couple of tweaks.
Catatan Rilis: Introduced bar color indicator of oscillator states (can be Enabled/Disabled).
Catatan Rilis: Swapped bullish/bearish candles color-tint (blue<>yellow) such that now:
  • Yellow tint = Bullish
  • Blue tint = Bearish
Catatan Rilis: Allows Custom Stochs Source.
Catatan Rilis: Added volume weighted options.
Catatan Rilis:
  • Allows selection of resolution.
Catatan Rilis:
  • Introduced divergence for both RSI and STOCHs (can be manually enabled/disabled).

  • Note: Stochs can be modulated by RSI, candle closing, or other user selectable inputs.
Catatan Rilis: Fixed typos.
Catatan Rilis: Introduced k-d crossover indicator (can be Enabled in the settings).
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Hi, I use this reliable indicator in all time frames, Many thanks for sharing, Please if possible, it would be nice to added sign when K and D cross each other.
Thanks in advance and happy new year.
+1 Jawab
cybernetwork jack_tamara
@jack_tamara, Sure I will find time to add this soon for you. :D
Is it suitable for Intraday Trading with 3min or 5min time frame ?
Hi, I'm Vincent here. Convenient to find out how to use your indicator for Entry Buy or Sell ? Thanks