Library "DiscordWebhookFunction"

discordMarkdown(_str, _italic, _bold, _code, _strike, _under) Convert string to markdown formatting User can combine any function at the same time.
    _str: String input
    _italic: Italic
    _bold: Bold
    _code: Code markdown
    _strike: Strikethrough
    _under: Underline
  Returns: string Markdown formatted string.

discordWebhookJSON(_username, _avatarImgUrl, _contentText, _bodyTitle, _descText, _bodyUrl, _embedCol, _timestamp, _authorName, _authorUrl, _authorIconUrl, _footerText, _footerIconUrl, _thumbImgUrl, _imageUrl) Convert data to JSON format for Discord Webhook Integration.
    _username: Override bot (webhook) username string / name,
    _avatarImgUrl: Override bot (webhook) avatar by image URL,
    _contentText: Main content page message,
    _bodyTitle: Custom Webhook's embed message body title,
    _descText: Webhook's embed message body description,
    _bodyUrl: Webhook's embed body direct link URL,
    _embedCol: Webhook's embed color,
    _timestamp: Timestamp,
    _authorName: Webhook's embed author name / title,
    _authorUrl: Webhook's embed author direct link URL,
    _authorIconUrl: Webhook's embed author icon by image URL,
    _footerText: Webhook's embed footer text / title,
    _footerIconUrl: Webhook's embed footer icon by image URL,
    _thumbImgUrl: Webhook's embed thumbnail image URL,
    _imageUrl: Webhook's embed body image URL.
  Returns: string Single-line JSON format
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