RS - Relative Strength Score

Relative strength (RS) is a measure of a stock's price performance relative to the overall market. It is calculated by dividing the stock's price change over a specified period by the market's price change over the same period. A stock with a high RS has outperformed the market, while a stock with a low RS has underperformed. (Stock can any asset that can be compared to a reference index like as Bitcoin, Altcoins etc ...)

Here are some advantages:
- Provides a measure of a stock's performance relative to a benchmark index or sector, allowing for a more accurate comparison of performance.
- Helps identify stocks with strong price momentum that are likely to continue outperforming the market in the short to medium term.
- Allows investors to identify the strongest performers within a particular sector or industry.
- Provides a quantitative and objective measure of a stock's performance, which can help reduce bias in investment decisions.
- Can be used in conjunction with other technical indicators and chart analysis to identify potentially profitable trades.
- Helps investors make more informed decisions by providing a more comprehensive picture of a stock's performance.

How to use it:
- The indicator can be used in daily and weekly timeframes.
- Check, if the default reference index is suited for your asset (Settings) The default is the combination of S&P500+Nasdaq+Dow Jones. For Crypto, it could be TOTAL (ticker for total stock market), for German stocks it could be DAX.
- Decide (settings), if you want to see the RS based on annual calculation (IBD style) or based only for the last quarter
Color coding:
- Red: Stock is performing worse than index (RS < 0)
- Yellow: Stock get momentum, starting to perform better than index (RS > 0)
- Green: Stock is outperforming the index
- Blue: Stock is a shooting star compared to index
- When RS turns positive and stays there, it could be an indication for an outbreak (maybe into a stage 2)

No financial advise. For education purposes only.
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