Amazing strategy for silver -XAGUSD, XAGEUR etc

Today I bring an amazing strategy that works for 1h time frames for silver .
Its made of price actions movement combined together with MACD and simple moving average

It does not use neither stop loss/take profit levels. Instead it will always exit at the next candle after it opens a trade.

The rules are the next one :
For short condition : we have a bull candle, and candle is above the moving average, and MACD histogram is > 0 and last high0 and candle close > last high1 and, previus high1 and candle close > last high2
At the same time, viceversa for long condition.

In development terms, this is the formula

long1 = (close > open ) and time_cond and close > out and hist > 0 and hist > hist and high > high and high > high and close > high and close > high and close > high
short1 = (close < open) and time_cond and close < out and hist < 0 and hist < hist and low < low and low < low and close < low and close < low and close < low

But when we enter the trade, we enter in reverse, like lets say we go long -> for this we apply the short1 condition. If we go short we apply the long1 condition.

If you have any questions , please let me know .

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