LumleyTrading Gaps

Name: LumleyTrading Gaps


The Gap Tracker Indicator is a powerful tool designed for traders to identify, monitor, and capitalize on price gaps in financial markets. It serves two primary functions:

Identifying Gaps: The indicator scans price action to detect instances where the current trading session's opening price significantly differs from the previous session's closing price. These disparities indicate the presence of price gaps.

Tracking Gap Fills: Once a gap is identified, the indicator continues to monitor the price movement. It dynamically adjusts its parameters to track whether and when the price retraces back to fill the gap. As soon as the gap is filled, the indicator generates a signal to notify traders of this occurrence.

Key Features:

Customizable Parameters: Traders can adjust the sensitivity and criteria for what constitutes a significant gap based on their trading preferences and the market conditions.

Visual Alerts: The indicator provides clear visual signals on price charts, highlighting the presence of gaps and indicating when they are filled. This helps traders to easily spot trading opportunities and make informed decisions.

Alert Notifications: In addition to visual cues, traders can opt to receive real-time alerts via email, SMS, or within their trading platform, ensuring they never miss an opportunity or a filled gap.

Historical Analysis: The indicator may also offer historical gap data, allowing traders to conduct backtesting and analyze the performance of trading strategies based on gap patterns.


Gap Trading Opportunities: Traders can use the indicator to identify potential areas of price continuation or reversal, leveraging the phenomenon of gap trading for profit.

Risk Management: By tracking gap fills, traders can manage their risk more effectively, knowing when a gap is likely to act as support or resistance and adjusting their positions accordingly.

Enhanced Decision Making: With real-time gap detection and fill tracking, traders gain valuable insights into market sentiment and price dynamics, empowering them to make timely and informed trading decisions.


The Gap Tracker Indicator is compatible with popular trading platforms and can be seamlessly integrated into various technical analysis tools and strategies.


In the fast-paced world of financial markets, identifying and understanding price gaps is crucial for successful trading. The Gap Tracker Indicator provides traders with a reliable tool to spot, track, and capitalize on gap opportunities, enhancing their trading efficiency and profitability.

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