NSPR still dipping

Okay I'm gonna start off with the news

-NSPR beat earnings by 44%, yet still losing money. It has been making more money due to its past performance and not losing as much. We can project that they might be profitable next year.
-Their offering that was held in June came out that it was so they can remain compliant with the exchange. That Friday they have became fully compliant so they won't get delisted.
-On their earnings report they got mostly compliant FDA IDE approval, yet on that they will get fully compliant FDA IDE approval in 45days. This should be on the 27th, so next week, which I labeled on the graph.
-Upcoming catalist: they hope to get into the France and China markets soon. Plus with approval in Brazil we could see that profit from the company in q4/ another earnings beat. Maybe over 100%, yet with COVID not sure, but certain in q1 next year.

-Not sure what to say since an earnings beat should have pushed the price higher, yet we saw a sell off with no FDA IDE approval to common investors liking. At the same time the volume showed it being very low compared to the past showing its just small sellers and yesterday someone bought 200k shares touching our old trading zone.
-the low at .4194 was in the middle of the gap of the intial drop from .80 to .39 then gaping up to .42-.47

Final thoughts
I'm DCAing this stock and think its gonna pay off pretty soon. Recent SEC filing shows that their CFO has sign a contract starting in 2022 that he will get an annual renewal of his job. This shows there is some long term potential if a CFO is entering this contract and wants to see growth in this company or he will get fired. There was alot more in the earnings report like and they don't want to do any more offerings and they also have alot of cash on hand to play with, so upside potential is pretty high.


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