NSPR still getting beat down

Now like you and many others I'm shocked by NSPR price action, so what could have caused it? Well theres one and that was the FDA IDE approval, yet today was ann that they got the full FDA IDE approval green light.

-Got FDA IDE approval in the US today
-Last week they where at LD Micro 500 they gave us some company insights
1: Theres already sales in Brazil for next er. At this time er expectations didn't factor that in, so it is nearly 100% they will be making money instead of losing money.
2: They were very confident in getting the FDA IDA approval last week along with the expansion in France and Asia. Can be shown on the company website roadmap.

Now the news is bullish , yet why hasn't price action reflect that? Well only thing it can be said is that people waited for the FDA IDE approval too long, so where can we go from here?
-Well be shot up 40% this morning so even though I have resistance lines from .4194-.4594, it looks like its a very week in the grandscale of this company, so are primary resistance will be .4397-.4594 with .4922 being the true goal to go full rocket. On webull we went passed it, yet on tradingview we didn't so I'll stand with .4922 being the biggest hurdle.
-Support is nothing since we kept waterfalling lower, yet if any support it ranges at .3913,.3713, and with the red zone .3506 and .3368
-Atm we are makingout withe the ema , which if we can hold it and have a good bounce off of it we can stop buying and it can confirm bullish price action. If it dips below it, it could mean I final acculation zone before we moon.
-MACD is very bullish atm, but if we rise and it gets closer it might be the end short term
-RSI is oversold, so we could suspect sideways movement with massive ranges, slow rise up, or a pure dump. A dump is unlikely in my opinion.

I've been dca every week, due to the fact of the being in the Brazil market and already having sales. I think this will produce massive gains in the near term, so i'll be holding and will update you guys if we hit lower lows or break the massive resistance.


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