TV signal for DCA backtest

This script allows you to backtest Trading View's "Technical Ratings" (Buy, Strong buy, Sell, Strong Sell) using Gavin's backtest script.

To use it add the backtest script to the chart together with this script and then from the back test settings connect the external indicator. You should select "TV Signal" as the source.

Backtesting works best on the 5m chart, but you can still change this script from its settings to higher timeframes.

  • Buy is 1
  • Strong Buy is 2
  • Sell is -1
  • Strong Sell is -2

In the backtest script you can decide which rating you want to use for open deal and which one for close deal.

For example, if you were backtesting a long bot you could enter a long position when TV signal is Buy (1) and close the deal when TV signal is Sell (-1).

You have the full flexibility to decide which technical rating to use for your backtesting.

Catatan Rilis: Info table removed as its not needed for backtesting
Catatan Rilis: adding continuous mode perfect for opening multiple consecutive trades while the technical rating remains the same value
Catatan Rilis: removing unneeded code
Catatan Rilis: - removing unneeded code
- continuos mode plots improved
- chart updated
Skrip open-source

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Hello, I want to use your following strategy. Can you test it for me
+1 Jawab
Bug: If you use continuous signal, the script is never plotting strong sell (i.e -2) although strong sell is triggered in the non-continous settings.
jitzz guyfru
@guyfru, Hi, what do you mean? Could you kindly elaborate?