Bitcoin non-linear regression curve [REAL]

This was NOT drawn by hand. This was calculated based on btc prices from 2010 to 2018. More than 60 different equations were tested and refined and ranked. This one is the best.

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very nice work, appreciated
I'm sure @davthewave would love this, truly excellent work. Thanks!
Nice! Is there any way I can use this indicator?
@rippah87, just search for: Bitcoin non-linear regression curve in the indicators list.
Top shelf!
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Wow, excellent work my friend. I would love if you would share with us how you calculated this. Great work either way!
renato_shira chrysopoetics
@chrysopoetics, just got all the price historical price action, normalized, ran through a series of tests to find the best curve that fits. Then, got the formula and created the script using it in pine script
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wow...that looks amazing....Polynomial Regression Channel
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this is great , can you hint on direction to search?
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