QFL single TF with alerts

Backtesting compatible QFL pine script w/alerts

This version of QFL was made based on this one:

From author:

I made the following additions according to my requirements:
- I need to use pine script 4
- I needed to avoid repainting issues so I'm not calling directly security, I'm using the wrapper function.
- There might be still repainting issues when you use "max base age" which uses the function "barssince" so be careful, you can disable it by setting its value to zero.
- Alerts so I can use it for automated trading and bots
- In order to make this signal compatible with the backtest script there's an option provided in the settings. If you enable this option this indicator will plot 1 whenever there's a BUY signal. This will allow the backtest to pick the "QFL Buy" from external indicator so it can perform the backtest.

I recommend some of these settings to start playing with the chart in 15 min / QFL in 1, 2 or 4 hours.
The higher the TF the more conservative.
QFL with 3.5% is pretty popular but you can try higher QFL percentage settings for a more conservative approach.

Catatan Rilis: - added sell signal
- added toggle to hide bases and buy/sell signals
- added alerts
Catatan Rilis: - added separated sell percentage parameter. Example of use: you can buy at 3.5% and sell at 2% which could make more sense on a bear market.
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