Bollinger Bands + RSI Alerts for 3commas/DCA bot

Hey Folks !
This is in indicator that generates buy alerts combining Bollinger Bands and RSI .

RSI validates the BB signal by confirming we are not in an oversold area.

Interval: 3m to 15m

Recommended settings for 3commas DCA bot

- TP/TTP: 0.3%/0.1%,
- Base Order: Your choice,
- Safety Order: 1.2 * Your choice of base order
- Safety Order Volume Scale: 1.2,
- Safety Order Step Scale: 1.5,
- Price Deviation to Open Safety Order (% from initial order): 0.25%,
- Max Safety Trades Count: 7

> Create Alert with Buy Alert and link it to "Message for deal start signal"
Catatan Rilis: Added `alertcondition()` in script
Catatan Rilis: Fix input for standard deviation
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