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The ADW - Volatility Map script is a tool for traders to measure and visualize the volatility of a specific asset. It uses both the Average True Range (ATR) and True Range (TR) values in combination with the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) to provide a comprehensive map of the market's volatility.

  • Average True Range (ATR): ATR is a measure of market volatility. It measures the average of true price ranges over a time period. In this script, we use it to calculate the ATR-CCI which gives us a more precise measure of volatility.
  • True Range (TR): TR is the greatest distance the price moved during a period. It is used in this script to calculate the TR-CCI, adding another level of detail to our volatility measurement.
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI): CCI is a versatile indicator that can be used to identify a new trend or warn of extreme conditions. We use it to scale and compare the ATR and TR values, hence providing a relative measure of volatility.

The script interprets the CCI values and provides four different conditions for both ATR and TR:

  • Is Low (CCI < 0)
  • Is High (CCI > 0)
  • Is Extremely Low (CCI <= -100)
  • Is Extremely High (CCI >= 100)

The interpretation of these conditions is displayed on the chart using colour highlighting. When the ATR or TR are low, high, extremely low, or extremely high, the script fills the chart accordingly.

In addition, the script has an option `awaitBarConfirmation` set at the beginning. If this is true, the script will only display indicators for fully formed bars, ensuring that the indicators you see are based on confirmed information.

Note: The colours for different conditions can be customized at the beginning of the script, allowing you to personalize the visual output to match your preferences.

This script is designed to provide a visually clear and immediate understanding of the market's volatility. Use it to enhance your decision-making process and adapt your trading strategy to the current market conditions.
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