BlueFX Strategy GOLD M15

We are releasing this separate script file for trading Gold on the M15 time frame using our strategy. This can now run independently from the main file instead of changing parameters and saving as a template - thus making the use of these specific settings even easier for our traders.

You can see the back testing profitability shown below, although you can not use back testing to predict the future, both the volume of trades, net profit, win rate and draw down demonstrate a solid foundation and data to move forward from.

The strategy itself is explained in the 'Blue FX Strategy' but see below too for more info.

Our strategy will help you identify the current trend in the markets and highlight when this is changing. The strategy itself is based upon 4 indicators lining up in total confluence to increase the probability of the trade being a success.

Absolutely no technical analysis is needed to trade this - this is a trading tool and has solid back testing results trading in isolation - although you may also use to support your own trading - the choice is yours.

When a trade is valid - a Buy or Sell label will appear with the Entry price, SL and multiple TP's shown on the chart.

IMPORTANT note, the test results show and confirm that the most profitable exit strategy with these Gold settings is 'FT&SL' this means we enter the trade with a Stop Loss (SL) and simply hold and follow the trend (Follow Trend = FT ) until a reverse signal is printed.

In our supporting video (see related ideas) you can see the impact of changing this target between multiple TP's and the net effect on both win rate and overall net profitability.

The Lot size will also be displayed and this is based on the risk parameters you have set personally in the calculation section.

What is a Trading View Script?

A script is like an indicator but better, we can verify the success of our strategy by using Trading Views strategy tester function. As shown below and on the chart - you can see the 'Buy' and 'Close Buy' on the chart, supported by a live trading log showing you the entry, entry price date, volume and closing price.

This is a great function for numerous reasons; firstly, you know you are using a strategy that has provided a positive expectancy in back testing, secondly you can use this as a trading journal to support your trading too. This in itself can help you with your trading psychology - letting winning trades run is a prime example of this. Take confidence in the statistics and performance over time.

Ultimately, we believe we have saved YOU the need to firstly, find an edge and a strategy - and all of the time it takes to BACKTEST a strategy - to then find it may or may not work - and then you start again!

Disclaimer alert; Please remember past performance is exactly that - how our strategy performed over those dates tested, it is not obviously a guarantee of future performance.

Interested in access or more information?

No problem, simply drop us a DM via trading view for access information.

Thank you for reading.

Catatan Rilis: Update with improved parameters, standard risk 1& per trade too.
Catatan Rilis: Incorrect days of week was unticked - now sorted.
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