Renko Strategy V2

Version 2.0 of my previous renko strategy using Renko calculations, this time without using Tilson T3 and without using security for renko calculations to remove repaint!
Seems to work nicely on cryptocurrencies on higher time frames.

== Description ==
Strategy gets Renko values and uses renko close and open to trigger signals.
Base on these results the strategy triggers a long and short orders, where green is uptrending and red is downtrending.
This Renko version is based on ATR, you can Set ATR (in settings) to adjust it.

== Notes ==
Supports alerts.
Supports backtesting time ranges.
Shorts are disabled by default (can be enabled in settings).
Link to previous Renko strategy V1:
Stay tuned for version V3 in the future as i have an in progress prototype, Follow to get updated:
Catatan Rilis: Added working alerts.
Some title settings rearrangement.
Catatan Rilis: Simplified Time range selection in Settings (Thanks @spdoinkal)
Skrip open-source

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Appreciation of my work:

Premium Pivot Points Algo Indicator:


I like this! Thank bro 🤝
100 koin
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dman103 Terekidz
@Terekidz, Thanks, Appreciate it.
Hey nice strategy, thought I'd mention that TV has now simplified the code needed for adding a backtesting date range:

Simplifies 9 lines of code into 3:

i_startTime = input(defval = timestamp("01 Jan 2020 00:00 +0000"), title = "Start Time", type = input.time, group = "Date Range")
i_endTime = input(defval = timestamp("31 Dec 2021 23:59 +0000"), title = "End Time", type = input.time, group = "Date Range")

time_cond = time >= i_startTime and time <= i_endTime
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dman103 spdoinkal
@spdoinkal, Hey, thanks, I appreciate coding mentions :) I am aware of this date range simplification (used in one of my latest indicators), will do so on next update.
Great job!
How do you get the alerts to work if it's a Strategy?
dman103 PowerWindows
@PowerWindows, Just updated strategy with working alerts, enjoy.
Wow this is simply amazing. Thank you! Any advice on how to turn this into a study? Also, do you have a site or any premium indicators?
Could it be more than ATR length? Like brick size.
dman103 Jittra
@Jittra,Currently not, Might consider to do so next new script version (V3).