TrustedSignals Indicator includes standard Buy and Sell signals on the chart, Support & Resistance lines, Auto-Trendlines, AutoFibs and an All-in-One Market Dashboard.
(All these signals can be set up as Live Alerts directly in Tradingview)

The 2 main Input options for this algorithm are 'Reactivity' and 'Depth'. By default, the indicator is added to your chart with the best settings we've found so far.
-The 'Reactivity' controls how quickly the algorithm reacts to trend changes. The higher the reactivity, the fewer trades on the chart. If the Reactivity input is low, the algorithm will react more quickly, and show more frequent trades.
-The 'Depth' controls the position of the signals relative to the trend swing. A lower Depth will allow for more frequent and earlier entries, while a higher Depth will give slower entries.

Our third (secondary) input is 'Trend Length' (the Lookback of the 'Current Trend' indicator). TrustedSignals™ is coloring the candles based on the current trend direction. The blue color shows an uptrend, while the red color shows a downtrend. Buy and Sell signals alerted while the current trend is showing pink (Sideways Market) should be taken carefully, as the market direction is not decided.

Since we believe in the idea of an 'All-in-One' Indicator, we have included 3 more extremely useful and powerful trading tools.

-The first optional feature is the 'Support and Resistance' lines. This feature can be activated to draw the key levels of Support and Resistance, easing your decision making and reinforcing the entry signals. Those levels can also be used as Stop Loss or Take Profit
-The second optional feature is the 'Auto-Trendlines'. This part of our amazing indicator automatically draws Trendlines based on the Lookback period the user inputs.
-The last and most important optional feature is the 'AutoFibs'. TrustedSignals™ will automatically draw Fibonacci Retracement levels from trend swing key points. (the lookback length can be adjusted by the user)

- Market Dashboard -
Within one simple panel on your chart, our Dashboard displays the most relevant data from all of our features in real-time.

  • Current Trend
    (The bar color) is an indicator based on Murrey Math's lines. These lines are based on the idea that according to Gann, price moves in 1/8's that act as points of support and resistance. Given this 1/8 characteristic of price action, we assigned properties to each of the lines in a given octave, obtaining a perfect Trend Indicator shown by the candle color, ranging from red to orange to blue.

  • Market Sentiment
    Market Sentiment is a zero lag, 'noise-free', custom improved version of the old 'Relative Strength Indicator ( RSI )' It measures trend velocity and momentum, while it charts the current and historical strength or weakness of the market. It is a much more accurate and vastly superior than the usual RSI.

  • Trusted Sginals Oscillator
    TS Oscillator is our own branded indicator used to measure market momentum and determines whether bullish or bearish trend dominates the market. It measures the market momentum, with the aim to detect potential trend direction. Helping you to identify if the price is high or low in comparison to the recent price behavior.
    Outputs: "Strong Bearish ", "Weak Bearish", "Strong Bullish ", "Weak Bullish"

  • Higher Timeframe Trend is a trend indicator based on our own non-repainting calculation of higher timeframe trend. It is based on a custom method that builds synthetic support and resistance lines from higher time, without repainting, while keeping the output extremely accurate.

Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator
Catatan Rilis:
- Minor Bugfix
Catatan Rilis:
- Added a new alert option for 'Buy or Sell' signals
- Added Candle Color alerts (based on Current Trend)
- Added the option to use HeikinAshi as a source while using the standard Japanese Candlesticks chart
Catatan Rilis:
Minor Sidepanel Bugfix
Catatan Rilis:
-Removed the HeikinAshi Source feature due to Tradingview's minor differences between data on the 2 candlesticks types
Catatan Rilis:
- Added Swing Points with customizable lookback lengths
- Added an EMA Cloud that also includes an optional Higher Timeframe Multiplier (without Repainting or Lagging)
- Added the options to Show/Hide the Chart Alerts and the Side Panel
Catatan Rilis:
- Added Customizable Fibbonacci Levels
Catatan Rilis:
- Added the option to change the EMA Cloud colors and Add alerts based on EMA Cloud Crosses
- Added alerts for all Side panel indicators
- Added Daily, Weekly and Monthly High/Low lines (with included alerts)
- Added 3 Customizable Forex Trading Session Highlights
Catatan Rilis:
Upon users requests we've added the following:

- Added ADR Range Lines
- Added ADR and ATR values in Sidepanel
- Added Option to change Fibbs Label position
- Fixed MH/WH Overlap issue
- Added Width Option for Trendlines
- Added Forex Sesssions Highs/Lows
- Added Market Volatility Info in SidePanel
- Added Previous Day/Week/Month Highs and Lows (+ Alerts options)
Catatan Rilis:
New Update
TrustedSignals V2 is our second version of the Buy/Sell indicator, which is mostly suited for higher timeframes and longer trading periods.
With this new update we've added a new user option: 'Script Version'. Users can select which version of the Buy/Sell indicator they want to use V1 or V2
Now users can change the 'Signals Settings', choosing to either manually adjust the inputs, or use a pre-adjusted set of settings. By default this input is set to 'Manual', which allow users to have full control over the signals by adjusting the 'Reactivity' and 'Depth'
'Signals Settings' input has 3 more options the users can choose from, depending on their trading style and frequency of trades ('ScalpTrading', 'SwingTrading' and 'HoldTrading')
Catatan Rilis:
Catatan Rilis:
Minor Bugfixes
Catatan Rilis:
- Added a Directional Bias (option to only show one-sided Trades)
- Added a Convergence Filter, which helps to filter out signals that are not in convergence with current trend
- Added the option to display Channels (Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channels, Donchian Channels)
- Added a Higher Timeframe Signals Trend table, which shows the last signal's trend direction on 3m, 5m15m,30m, 1H, 4H, 12H, 1D
- Added Dynamic Take Profits Table with a 'Maximum Profit Reached' indicator
Catatan Rilis:
- Fixed scaling issue
- Added width inputs for chart tables
Catatan Rilis:
Minor Bugfixes
Catatan Rilis:
Fixed Daily/Weekly/Monthly Highs & Lows errors on low timeframes


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