GMMAs v2.0 CRYPTO [badshah_e_alam]

Hello Traders ,
The GMMAs v2.0 CRYPTO strategy stands for gap modified moving averages designed for cryptos. This is a non Repainting Indicator.
This strategy version is a advanced and modified to one of my previously published indicator named as "gap modified moving average".
I am using my Modified Moving Average indicator for a while. I always wanted to add some more information to moving
averages and made some modification to Moving averages.

The additional Information I have added to the Moving Average helps it to act more quickly based on the price of that
particular asset.

How is strategy gives signals?
when the GMMA'w cross over or cross under the GMMA'y than a trade is taken depending on the filter status.

Info about the settings :

The default setting is for 11m ETHUSD , it works with other cryptos and other timeframe as well . For other timeframes it need to be fine tuned and need little change.

The first category is for the selection of Moving average to be modified and the source to be used for that moving average .
I have added seven moving averages to choose between. SMA works good for me , you can choose and play with other MAs.
following are the option to choose MAs
1. EMA
2. SMA
3. HMA
5. WMA

Next option in setting is GMMA'y and GMMA'w :
these two settings define the length and lookback period of the MA you have choosed above.
The length is similar to the length of the moving average chosen to be modified.
The lookback option will look for that number of bars for the modification.
GMMA'w is more sensitive than the GMMA'y. So make sure that the setting input of the GMMA'y is significantly larger than the

I have added TradingView inbuilt SUPERTREND as a filter in the strategy, it works very good in filtering out false trades
you can enable/disable it in the settings.

EXIT strategy:
The exit Strategy is based on ATR, Take profit and SL are decided by the ATR in the SL/TP setting option. You can change the RR ratio in the setting.

The backtest settings are as follow:
Initial capital:10k
Initial Commission = 0.000
Initial Pyramiding = 0

Thanks to pinecoders and Tradingview community.
my previous gap modified moving average version is :watermark added from: color gradient framework picked from :
Any and all liability for risks resulting from investment transactions or other asset dispositions carried out by the user based on information received or a market analysis is expressly excluded by me.

All the information made available here is generally provided to serve as an example only, without obligation and without specific recommendations for action. It does not constitute and cannot replace investment advice. We therefore recommend that you contact your personal financial advisor before carrying out specific transactions and investments.

Do your own research and Risk management before taking any trade.
Catatan Rilis: added another filter to reduce the drawdown. This filter will allow short trades only when the candle is less than GMMA'y and vice versa for long trades.
you can enable/ disable both filter in the setting.
Catatan Rilis: alerts will be given only when bar is confirmed to avoid multiple alerts (only for entry)
Catatan Rilis: Results are for ETHUSDTPERP
Catatan Rilis: display updated

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if you want to test this strategy than please DM me . Before using this strategy please read all instructions and DISCLAIMER. Do your own research before taking trades.

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