Track reversal price levels on any assets
Catatan Rilis: Now it shows more accurate levels on any timeframe.
Catatan Rilis:
There are 6 different lines, all have different strength. You clearly recognize lines by thickness.

BASE_2 and TOP_2 are track %2.5 reversal. Linewidth = 1
BASE_5 and TOP_5 are track %5 reversal. Linewidth = 2
BASE_10 and TOP_10 are track %10 reversal. Linewidth = 3

Old lines also important for future price movement.
Catatan Rilis: 8693.71 support line drawn since May 4 hold the bitcoin. Also, I added params to change values.

Comparison length is very important. I defined default value to 233. Once indicator find new support or resistance, it check last 233 bars to identify how many bars reacted to new support or resistance. Also, it's determine reaction by using precision value.

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Thank u for sharing the knowledge..
baymucuk Sheilacarson
good analyses
baymucuk Nicolewoods
@Nicolewoods, thank you.
Thanks for sharing!!!
baymucuk MattFrederick
@MattFrederick, I added explanation. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
can you give some explanation of the system? :)
baymucuk dilace
@dilace, I added explanation.
+1 Jawab
dilace baymucuk
@baymucuk, more thanks!. I'm going to take a closer look :)
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