Hello All,

This script finds the Cups and you can use it while analysing the symbols. it creates circle and channel for the potential Cups and checks the number of bars included by the channel, if included bars is equal or greater than the value you set then it shows the cup.

The Options:
"Number for Bars to search" : Maximum length of a Cup
"Channel Width of the Cup" : Tate by the channel width of highest/lowest levels in last 300 bars, by default it's 5%
"Check for Breakout" : if there is Cup then it checks Close or High/Low is used a source for breaokuts, usuful while cheking historical bars
"Contained Bar Rate %"
: after channel is created the script checks number of bars included by the channel of the Cup, you can set rate of included bars by this option
"Show Channels of Cups": if you enable this option then you can see the channels around the Cups and set it as you wish
and there are some other options for labeling/removing old Cups and for coloring

Here you can see how channel looks like:

Cup with different colors:

P.S. This is an experimental work and sorry for no explanation in the script.
in the future if I have time I will try to write a script for Cup&Handle
This script is also an example to calculate and draw circles :)

Skrip open-source

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Inggin menggunakan skrip ini pada chart?


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@indifati, Thank you
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This is astounding. You never cease to amaze with your work. Bravo!
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Bağlılıklarımı bildirmeye gelicem İnşallah...
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You are the light on our way
I like your vision master Thanks
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@Hassonya, Thank you
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