Tick Renko Chart - Percent Based

A Renko Tick chart based on continuously adjusting percentage.

  • Live Renko bricks formed by tick data
  • Adjustable brick width
  • Outline mode, or line mode for more bricks
  • Scalp with a Renko, get weird.

The settings can and will break the script if you turn them up too high. Turning off outline mode will not look as nice, but can potentially allow for a larger number of bricks.
Catatan Rilis: Line width adjustment.
Catatan Rilis: Line width adjustment
Catatan Rilis: Image Reset
Catatan Rilis: Updated to take advantage of a new Pine feature: Boxes.

This means instead of hacking together boxes with a bunch of lines the bricks can be made more efficiently, each brick is a box.

This should allow for higher settings for the number of bricks to display.
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