CCI Stochastic and a quick lesson on Scalping & Trading Systems

Hello traders

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I realize more and more that you guys don't only want some indicators and learn about pinescript. You also want some guidance and get some mentors providing you with comprehensive and simple trading methods and tricks.
I'm against those posting many scripts a day that in the end will make you lose your money because they don't give you the methodology to use them
It might look nice on the charts but we're not here to do some painting.... but to improve our lifestyle right :)

The today indicator is based on an indicator that I used for scalping : Fxcodebase CCI Stochastic
A CCI stochastic is very reactive and allows us to take many scalps trades per day with a few pips/USD gain for each trade. I don't recommend novice traders to use it and I strongly recommend everyone reading my disclaimer below basically saying "I'm not a financial advisor, don't be dumb, stay safe"
(I also recommend the few scripts copy-pasters to read my disclaimer as well)

What's a novice trader, sir? Well... thanks for asking. A novice trader is any trader with less than 5 years of live trading experience

From a pinescript perspective, this script will be however interesting for everyone :)

How to use it?

The indicator gives 3 possible entries for Longs and Shorts:
- Arrows at Enter - Will give signals whenever the Stoch CCI will enter in the BUY/SELL zone
- Arrows at Exit - Will give signals whenever the Stoch CCI will exit the BUY/SELL zone
- Arrows at Center - Signals whenever the Stoch CCI will cross the mid-line (50)

All arrows have different colors because ... painting is cool and nice.... kidding.... it gives clearer and more readable signals on the chart (but painting sir...)

A possible trading method could be to use the 3 modes at the same time to get the maximum of opportunities.
The safer bet is to use the "Arrows at Exit" only mode but for those who want to accumulate more scalping positions, adding the "Arrows at Enter" mode is an option as well. In other words, you accumulate a few scalping positions whenever the Stoch CCI get in the BUY/SELL zone and will stop accumulating whenever it will exit the BUY/SELL zone
You can add a few extra positions whenever the Stoch CCI will cross the mid-line as it often translates in a trend continuation

Life hack

Very important note : (probably the most important gem I shared until now) The inputs set by default will have to be changed for your asset/timeframe and can't be generic for everything. You have to play with the inputs until the signals will make sense to you
The indicator/strategy with a unique configuration that you'll never check or update according to the market condition DOES NOT exit.
If you find such a tool and prove me that you're making constant gains with it over a year, please patent it and then show it to me as I'd like to study it to replicate :) But most likely this is a myth/unicorn

Who I am to say this? Well, I worked in a Bank with real traders and I have a good sense of what works and what will certainly not work

My guru said scalping crypto in 1 second timeframe was the way to get rich quick. Do you agree sir?

But in trading, this is not because you take the maximum of trades possible that your gains will increase. This is the contrary.
There is a strong and proven inverse correlation between the number of trades taken and how fast you'll burn your capital. A swing trader taking 2/3 trades a month is more likely to beat 99% of the scalpers out there trying to predict all market movements. (and I'm not even talking about how dangerous it is to scalp with leverage)

You're starting to know me a bit more right now. I prefer to tell you what you need to hear vs what you want to hear because the second option doesn't allow to stay in the game very long.
I might lose some futures clients along the way by saying that but for my own conscience and ethics, I prefer to warn about the true risks of trading and to select who you listen very carefully (the advice also works for me, if you feel what I said doesn't make sense, this is totally your right but I hope this is because I'm french and not because of the content ^^).

See you tomorrow for another indicator or idea

Love you all


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Trading involves a high level of financial risk, and may not be appropriate because you may experience losses greater than your deposit. Leverage can be against you.
Do not trade with capital that you can not afford to lose. You must be aware and have a complete understanding of all the risks associated with the market and trading. We can not be held responsible for any loss you incur.
Trading also involves risks of gambling addiction.
Please notice I do not provide financial advice - my indicators, strategies, educational ideas are intended to provide only some source code for anyone interested in improving their trading
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