Open Interest Stochastic Money Flow Index

This is the improved version of Stochastic Money Flow Index script that uses Open Interest instead of volume in Future markets.
I think it will make a difference especially in Future and CFD markets.
Since the system will pull data from Quandl, CFTC reports may cause repaint when disclosed.
So if you use it during the weekly time frame (1W), it will definitely not repaint.
You can also use the volume by selecting "Others" from the menu.This option applies to each instrument, you can use it on any financial instrument with or without COT data.

Bitcoin is included in the "Futures" option.
In Futures , you can observe the difference of Open Interest's success by comparing, since it counts exchanges between the two parties singularly, it reacts more firmly to speculative movements.
This script also includes alerts and bar color options, you can use from the menu.
It is also suitable for mutable variables.This script was freed from the integer loads.You can modify it in any adaptive or fractional period.

I hope it will help your analyzes, regards .
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Hi Noldo,

Whether this script will work for Indian stocks symbols.

Thank You
Hi Noldo,

Do you have some developed OI indicator for ctrader platform also?
I guess my question primarily revolves around the values to the right of each ticker symbol. What is the relevance of the value or how is it derived so that in the future when I would like to expand into different pairs I can be self sufficient in doing so?

Again, fantastic script! Probably the best I have used so far. Thanks!
Noldo wtayl44
@wtayl44, Thanks for your good words.For different pairs (excluding the list) You can use volume instead of Open Interest via these script :

Based on your previous answer, it would not be profitable to just turn it into strategy.
The beauty of it is an indicator that confirms both volume and momentum.
However, using a trend indicator (ichimoku, turtle, donchian etc.) together with the main trend indicator and getting confirmation from this increases your success rate much more.
I have no idea for Forex.
It can work well for spot goods!
+1 Jawab
wtayl44 Noldo
@Noldo, Awesome! I'm going to play around with it and report back what I find. Thanks again!
If I wanted to add the US30USD what would be the process in doing so?

Btw, this script has been working AMAZING for me on the 30s chart for 7 major currency pairs with Autoview trading both ways in seperate accounts. Due to the number of trades taking place the only drawback for me has been compliance with FIFO rules. If it submits an order of equal size that is already on the book it gets cancelled which is no big deal I can submit a orders in a random quantity range, 1-5000. The second aspect of FIFO is the problem. Due to the volume of orders being submitting there is no way to determine which was first or last therefore once the take profit % has been met, the order is cancelled at a substantial loss as compared to TP opportunity. Across all pairs, long & short, it's placing roughly 1000K trades / hour with TP @ $0.15 all of which would be profitable if it weren't for our "friend" FIFO.
Noldo wtayl44
@wtayl44, Hey sir , sorry i just new saw that! That is for commodity markets which listed on CFTC Commitment on Traders. They listed these too : E-mini Dow Futures, VIX Futures,S&P 500 E mini futures, S&P 500 futures too. I m not %100 sure but i don't think U.S Wall St. 30 Index on the list.
Hello Sir !
That's great! I want to install for MT4, what should i do ? Thanks !
Noldo Ha_Ngoc
@Ha_Ngoc, hello because of on pine script , i guess this indicator for only here.
+3 Jawab
Ha_Ngoc Noldo
@Noldo, so pity, your indicator so great. thanks !
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