Double Bottom Pattern Identifier

I think everybody knows the Double Bottom Pattern, so I omit the introduction.

The algorithm uses 8 internal watchers to identify the incomplete W-pattern. If any of the watchers finds the pattern, the signal will be plotted on the chart. You can customize the lookback periods for the watchers as well as you can specify the precision of the difference between two possible bottoms.

By default, all watchers wait for bar closing to avoid repainting issues. You can switch off this option.

Additionally, you can shift down the signal labels to the preferred distance and set an alert for a new pattern found.

NOTE: the blue straight lines are not included.
Catatan Rilis:
  • Cleaned the code
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Hi @everget I'd love to test this as well.
@Josaca, Hi. Do you know what a tester should do?
I would like to demo this
+1 Jawab
everget FifthBoston
@FifthBoston, ok. But it is still under development
May i test it please?
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everget Barbaros_Tosun
may i pleeeease try it
thank you
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@louai, okay. but it is still under development - this is a demo
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