Ultimate Inverse Fisher Transform Trigger

This is called "Ultimate Inverse Fisher Transform Trigger" , which integrates inverse fisher rsi , cci , stochastic and mfi to trigger trade signals.

This Inverse Fisher Transform TA is refined for purpose of getting signals more frequently than the normal inverse fisher indicators do, but also sacrifice a bit accuracy. This should also be used along with my "Ultimate Inverse Fisher Transform" , to get an idea of whenever to initiate trades and occasions to hold onto positions.

IFISH values above 0.5 are considered to be overbought and therefore offer an opportunity to sell. IFISH values below -0.5 are considered oversold and present an opportunity to buy. If the IFISH peaks above the top guide a sell signal will be generated. Conversely, if the IFISH troughs below the bottom guide a buy signal will be given. The 0 line divides the bulls above from the bears below.

Hope you would enjoy it and have a fabulous start of the year.


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These inverse fisher indicators appear to work very well with crypto. Wish I could have a look at the source code ;) great job
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