Alpha-Numerologia by Alien Crew

Alpha-Numerologia is our latest generation of market analytical tools, built completely from the ground up using a new cutting-edge mathematical formula, designed by the Alien Crew team.

The purpose of this tool, is to tap into the mathematics behind the market prices themselves, in order to extrapolate areas where the price is likely to find support or resistance. This indicator does not use Fibonacci or Pivot Points in any way whatsoever. It does however rhyme with them every now and then, as is the systematic nature of markets. The key strength of this indicator is its ability to adapt to ever-evolving market conditions, providing users with a real-time, clear visualization of essential price zones.

There are several aspects to the process that goes on in this algorithm. Firstly, it gathers range data from multiple lookback periods of time to understand the underlying asset volatility and reference points for calculation. Following that, it identifies the numerical structure of all the ranges, and finds their common denominators, which are essentially subsets. These subsets are then scaled in real-time, reacting to the change in volatility. A scaling mechanism occurs when the volatility either increases or decreases, causing the algorithm to recalculate the levels using the identified subsets. Since each subset has the same character as the whole, it is by definition a fractal. From a mathematical standpoint, such subsets have no limits on scale. They can be infinitesimal, or infinitely large.

Such a fractal nature provides the benefit of this algorithm being able to adjust to virtually any asset and any chart timeframe. Furthermore, through the monitoring of several temporal periods it is able to correlate alignments of the subsets, which is denominated as a percentage on the chart. Such confluences give more importance to the detected level.


Remember, the world of trading comes with significant risks and unpredictability. While the Alpha-Numerologia Indicator is a highly sophisticated tool, it should be used in combination with other analytical techniques and a sound risk management strategy. Always conduct your own research before making trading decisions. Due to the extended research and work placed into it, the inner workings behind Alpha-Numerologia are proprietary, and shall not be discussed or disclosed in any way by Alien Crew. The source code is not for sale either.
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An example of the SP500 (long term chart)


Hawk Liquidation Theory:


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