$FTFT is gonna fall today

Pupm&Dump trading strategy idea.

$FTFT is rising without enough specific strong news today.

The demand for shares of the company looks lower than the supply.

This and other conditions can cause a fall in the share price today.

So I opened a short position from $2,60;
stop-loss — $2,86;
take-profit — $2,08;

Do not view this idea as a recommendation for trading or investing. It is published only to introduce my own vision.
Always do your own analysis before making deals. When you use any materials, do not rely on blind trust.
You should remember that isolated deals do not give systematic profit, so trade/invest using a developed strategy.

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Trading ditutup: stop tercapai
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I think I am going to start following your charts and just do the opposite of what you say.
+3 Jawab
KozakHlib Mezmon2
@Mezmon2, nice idea :). I am all waiting your statistic :)
KozakHlib Mezmon2
@Mezmon2, as soon as it works for you, I will be happy)
sorry to say . but u couldn't be more wrong dude.
+3 Jawab
KozakHlib kaazooyiitrade
@kaazooyiitrade, losses are inevitable, bro.
KozakHlib kaazooyiitrade
@kaazooyiitrade, read your comment again today, and was happy to like it)
Mezmon2 KozakHlib
@KozakHlib, dude, you made a post with a title that was directed at price movement for a SPECIFIC day! You can't go back after the fact and say you insinuate you were originally correct just because your outcome EVENTUALLY happened...lol
KozakHlib Mezmon2
@Mezmon2, I was not going back. You have some strange bias. Why are you so rude and angry?
i can see the dump about to happen. thanks for sharing
+1 Jawab
@abel11, the fall begins!
+1 Jawab
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