How do I become a moderator?

TradingView is constantly looking for moderators to strengthen our awesome team and we’re looking forward to welcome you to our team if you:

  • Have built a good reputation for yourself on TradingView by sharing quality content and being helpful to other users.
  • Like to interact with people in a positive way while upholding the house rules.
  • Can appreciate other people’s opinions and share yours in a constructive way.
  • Have 1-2 hours per day to spend helping out the community.
  • Are a respected member of TradingView for more than 6 months and have kept your violations of the house rules to an absolute minimum.
  • Speak English and preferably another supported language.
  • Have a good general trading knowledge.

Did you tick all of the boxes? Awesome, let one of the moderators know and we’ll take it from there! We hope to welcome you to our team soon!

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