VK trend scalper 30m

This strategy is designed to be used on the 30 minute time frame

In this strategy, I actually implemented my own scalping style into building the strategy. Having to replicate my own trading strategy into an algorithm, I can't make it exactly perfect to how I would trade, but what I can do is try and program the parameters that give it the absolute best chance of making a big move with a small drawdown- which replicates part of my trend trading style. Here I am using VWMA , EMA and trend filtering values to find trend change and best entries.

you can also try it on any cryptocurrency/forex/commodity/stocks

*This script is currently experimental you can try it if you want.
Catatan Rilis: Name changed to vkscalper

Code edited to allow profitable trades in any time frame. You will have to change the VKtrend value preferable for different time frames. ex: VKtrent value = 50 for 15m time frame

Code edited to allow for float values in stop losses and targets. Please edit the stop and targets in the settings if you want to scalp a different asset than ETHUSD.
Catatan Rilis: Improved code
Catatan Rilis: Added better trend detection
Catatan Rilis: Added code to select MA Type
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