Peak Valley Estimation Strategy


Its the first strategy that i post here, so don't expect ground breaking stuff, when testing my indicators i always used prorealtime and not tradingview. This strategy use signals generated by the peak/valley estimator indicator i posted long ago, i think the signals generated where sometimes quite accurate in some markets thus providing potential material for a profitable strategy.

The indicator use 3 parameters, therefore the optimisation process is not easy, but i selected what i judged good parameters values at first glance. The strategy is in its more simple form without stop or anything, the detection of peaks and valley can allow for tighter stops since we expect the price to reverse, but take into account that sops and take profits are parameters subject to optimization process except if selected with strict money management rules and not profit optimization.

Of course trading the strategy in this form is far from being great, if we take into account the market non stationarity then we might expect loss during trending markets. Trend strength indicators could help switch from a reversal to breakout strategy thus maybe providing more control.

I really hope you find an use for the strategy.


Its been three long years since i started tradingview, and i put more efforts in my indicators than in my studies and life overall, this have created complicated situations and i can't afford to follow up with this, therefore i announce that in the end of june i will leave tradingview for quite a long time, at least until i have my degree. I announce it in advance in case some of you want helps of any kind. I will post all the indicators, both in progress and finished i have made during those three years. I hope you can all understand.

Thanks for reading !
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Alexgrover "YOU ARE THE BEST"

After read your note, my first feeling is sad and I would love announce to all traders who in tradingview was accepted Alexgrover creations. Alexgrover is one of the best algo developer in here. Today, Alexgrover may faced some personal issue that can't afford to stay in tradingview.

Me Iceki although is not a rich people however I would love to give a hands to donate as much as possible to let Alexgrover to stay in tradingview. Because Alexgrover is also one of the GENEROUS and KINDA people in tradingview. Therefore to all traders and developer I hope you guys can also give Alexgrover a hands too. I represent Alexgrover strongly appreciated to all of you. Thank You to all of you!

All my suggestion is my personal idea! Alexgrover didn't requested or mentioned anything that request for the donations or others support from the society. If someone want to blame please just directly blame to me instead. Thank you everyone.
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@ICEKI, Its hearth breaking to see that i was so important here and that people may consider donate in order for me to stay, however i couldn't accept any donation, i love posting indicators regardless of money, and i consider your support the greatest donation you could have given me, so there is no need to pay me, i will work hard before i go so there will still be great content posted here and i'm looking forward to your feedback :)
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Thanks for posting this and all your effort! Wishing you the best!
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alexgrover dpanday
@dpanday, Thank you for your kind words, i'm looking forward to your feedback before i go :)
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dpanday alexgrover
@alexgrover, I’m testing the strategy right now. Out of the box te backtest gives very good results when tweaking the settings. I think it’s a very good script. :)
not sure what the future results will be so i have to wait a couple of day’s to get a more reliable result. Maybe you have Some advice on what other type of indicator i can add to make it possibly better besides a take profit/stop loss.

I understand your decision to leave. Hopefully we see you back once in the future.
Again good luck with your plans.:)
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alexgrover dpanday
@dpanday, Thank you so much for testing it :) In the article of the peak valley estimation indicator i posted, i showed an example of early trades that wiped out the equity during trending markets, a way to avoid that is by using a simple moving average crossover, when the peak/valley indicator estimated a previous peak and the price crossunder the MA then you have a sell signal, if a valley have been previously estimated and the price crossover the MA then you have a buy signal.

In order to add this rule in the strategy first add fixnan in line 11 such that : sign = fixnan(...., then replace 0 at the end by : na, you will have sign = fixnan(......:na), this will allow sign to be always 1 or -1, then add as buy condition :

if crossover(close,ma) and sign == 1
and sell condition :
if crossunder(close,ma) and sign == -1

where ma is the moving average of your choice. This strategy can be used with all the indicators you want its just : if buy signal and sign == 1/if sell signal and sign == -1. If the indicators you plan to use are fast but generates whipsaw trades then the peak valley estimator can be of great help.

I hope this help :)
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dpanday alexgrover
@alexgrover, Alway's clear answers :)
I will try to add and make this work tonight
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Hi Alex, first Wish you a Great Success in your studies. Thanks a lot for sharing your innovative ideas which were very helpful. Your approach is very unique. For us it is very sad that you are leaving us, we are going to miss you a lot. Good Luck in all your future endeavors.
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alexgrover sudhir.mehta
@sudhir.mehta, Thank you so much for your concern, let me know if you need anything :)
Hello Alexgrover we will missing you and your ideas.
The indicator works well with following settings.
EURNZD 1min len180 sm3 mod1 -> profitfactor 9
AUDJPY 1min len135 sm45 mod2 -> profitfactor 5
That was just a smal test and shuld be tested over a longer time period.
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