Relative Breadth Index

RBI is an intricate oscillator that calculates relative breadth of an asset according to its trend. If you want to detect reversals, continuations, trend strength, divergences, and confirm other signals, read on.

Relative Breadth Index has 4 main components:
  • Fast (White), Medium (Green), and Slow (Red) Oscillators
  • Overbought and Oversold Thresholds (Shaded Areas)
  • Pulse (Yellow)
  • Divergence Indicator (Rectangles)

How does it work?
  • The Medium and Slow Oscillators indicate the general trend.
  • The Fast Oscillator shows what price action is doing in reference to that trend.
  • Pulse suggests the probability that the current move (Fast) is an end of the trend defined by the Medium and Slow lines.
  • The Divergence Indicator also suggests a reversal and to look for divergences between the Fast line and price action.

What are the signals?
  • In general: green signals are bullish , red are bullish
  • Rectangles: Look for a divergence
  • Circles: Sell and buy signals
  • Triangles: Stronger sell and buy signals
  • Triangles: Reversal signal

What about the Pulse?
  • If Pulse is low, a signal may only be a short-lived move.
  • If Pulse is high, a signal may be a full-on trend reversal.

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Catatan Rilis: You can now set alerts off RBI signals.
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Would love to have access to this! I just started a trial on your website
all your indicators(xabcd , phantom and RBI) works on forex too?
@LiamN, Hi Liam, yes our indicators detect chart patterns on any asset
looks pretty decent guys
coinobsalgos cryptomavic1
thanks @cryptomavic1, hit us up for a trial if you'd like
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