RedK_AvgMoneyFlow Oscillator v1

This is a compact & simple study that tracks the short-term average price change and the (average) volume associated with it, to generate a very clear signal when a change of buying/selling flow is detected. these buy/sell cycles can happen within a longer "demand / trend-up" or "supply / trend down" phases as we know.

this concept is a bit different from MFI or CMF . The math we use here is simpler, and more "relative" and short-term focused, deliberately.

how does it work
once the average price change and the average volumes are calculated for the specified length, we then turn that into a +100/-100 oscillator format - using the stoch () function - which helps to generate a clearly identifiable unambiguous signal (crossing the zero line up or down) that help traders (mainly with entries)
-- the stoch () function also makes the oscillator "relative" to the specified period length, meaning, we can be in a uptrend (demand mode) and the MFO is showing flow "out" (negative) - that's specific to the short-term period - and that's exactly what i was trying to see
- the thinking here is that the best spot to go long is when the existing selling has been depleted and no more supply exists (during an uptrend), and vice verca.

- other stuff: i use WMA () throughout the script -- and we apply a smoothing for the final plot. keep smoothing to a minimum to avoid unnecessary lag in the signals
- the signal should be considered *after* a bar is fully closed.

Suggested Use
i suggest you use this in combination with other indicators that can show the overall short-term and long-term bias (for example, i use the Ribbon here for that) - and take only entry signals in the same direction - a signal to go long, for example, would be when the bias / trend is up *and* the MFO crosses the zero line *going up* .. you may need to wait for that setup to show before you hit the trigger.

another benefit here, is that MFO will also detect strengths and weaknesses - when we see diversion with price movement. this shows couple of times in the example below

Please Note
i do not do short-term trading / scalping - those who do, i hope may find this useful - if you decide to use it and you do find it useful, please post feedback here for the common learning

Good luck!
Catatan Rilis: - plot line color refers to smoothed and not original value
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