This indicator makes visualising some of the core TrendCalculus algorithm's key information and features both fast and easy for casual analysis.


a) The light blue channel is the lagged price channel calculated over the timeframe of your choosing for a period of N values. When the current price breaks out of this channel the previous price major high/low can be identified as a trend reversal. This helps in counting trend "waves" and is a rolling visual version of ideas I developed for counting Elliot Waves. For EW analysis, your mileage may vary depending on the asset inspected, but the chart allows you to clearly count waves on a particular scale of time (period) ignoring noise on other time scales.

b) The green/red channel is a support/resistance indicator region that shows the relationship of the current price to the key pivot points on this time scale (period) and these make for good visual indication that the current trend is up (green), or down (red). You may find them helpful for identifying breakouts and placing stops - but this was not their original intention. The pink line is the mid point of closing values in the lagged price channel , and the orange line the mid point of closing values in the current price channel .

About TrendCalculus ( TC ):

TC is implemented in several languages including Lua , Scala and Python. The Lua implementation is the reference and has the most advanced functionality and delivers a powerful data processing tool for both multi-scale trend reversal detection, reversal labelling, as well as trend feature production - all useful things helping it to produce training data for machine learning models that detect trend changes in real time.

This charting tool includes: (1) two consecutive lagged Donchian channels configured to a common period N, (2) the current price, and (3) the mid price of both Donchian channels . These calculations are all part of the TC codebase, and are brought to life in this charting tool.

By creating a TC charting tool - the machine learning model is swapped for *your eyes* and *your brain*. Using the same inputs as the machine, you can use this chart to learn to detect trend changes, and understand how time frame (long periods, short periods) affect your view of trend change. If you choose to use it to trade, or make investment decisions, do so at your own risk. This indicator does not deliver financial advice.

TrendCalculus is the invention of Andrew Morgan, author of Mastering Spark for Data Science (2017).

The original core TrendCalculus ( TC ) algorithm itself is published as open-source code on github under a GPL licence, and free to use and develop.

Catatan Rilis: Added configurable DarkTheme Support !
This update of the indicator includes:
- support for DarkTheme or WhiteTheme, just click on the indicator settings and click the box. Default WhiteTheme.
- added in a default "long channel" to visualise multiple timeframes at once
- updated the channel plotting so they continue into the future to aid forecasting
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