◊ Introduction
Price Movement / Force
A script that uses Volume and price movement to indicate Bullish / Bearish momentum, like a hindsight MACD .

◊ Origin
This is a part of Project XIAM.
◊ Theoretical Approach
Philosophy γ :: consequential

◊ Usage
Early Indication of Bullish / Bearish momentum, before price reversal.

CLEANSIGNAL can be used as input source, for more reliable results.
Currently BTC◊USD ETH◊USD XRP◊USD Are available in my scripts.

Otherwise the ticker's volume is used as input.

My own indicators will be updated soon, to include source selection in their settings.

◊ Features
BULL / BEAR Phase to open orders. ( HINT : combine with RSI ? )
EXIT sweep : to find appropriate exit moments, to close opened orders.
Sweep is muffled if Phase continues.
Sweep Finalize send final EXIT signal.

◊ Community
Wanna share your findings ? or need help resolving a problem ?


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