True Momentum Oscillator

"TMO calculates momentum using the delta of price. Giving a much better picture of trend, trend reversals and divergence than momentum oscillators using price". This is comparable to the WaveTrend Oscillator, gives more or less better or worse signals depending on the time frame and markets. This is a free and open source indicator found in many platforms, now ported to TV.

This indicator uses the closing and opening of the price in a way that reminds me of the Qstick indicator but it seems different. It's an oscillator with overbought and oversold zones and crossovers for entry and exits. I included the option of changing the moving averages from the standard exponential types used in its 3 functions to calculate the main and signal lines just in case the settings need to be changed further or if anyone wants to experiment to find better settings on top of just changing the lengths for each length type. I added dots for when the Main line crosses the Signal line. The Main line is darkened in case anyone needs to see it better.
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