Origami Algo

What is Origami Algo?

Origami Algo was created to assist any type of trader on a day to day basis. Our intelligent and accurate algorithms turn complex charts into profitable plays, minimizing losses and maximizing profits. We hope that you will find use in the tools and resources we provide, and we will continue to improve on our products in order to take your trading to new heights!

Any Time, Any Market

Our indicators work with real time data on any market. This means that any kind of trader will find our tools useful, regardless of what you are trading.

Feature List

  • Multiple Signal Modes
  • Numerous Candle Colors
  • Reversal Cloud Overlay
  • Auto Support & Resistance
  • Auto Trendlines
  • Real Time Informational Dashboard
  • Many More Features to Come!

By using this script you acknowledge that Origami Algo cannot guarantee you profit, and that this product was only created in attempt to benefit traders. You also acknowledge that past performance is not indicative of future results, and that the experience of other users or what you see online may not always be your experience.
Catatan Rilis: Origami Algo V1.0.1

- Added alert conditions for all 3 buy & sell signal types
- Cleaned up style settings
- Added option to turn trend panel on or off
- Fixed repainting on STANDARD mode
Catatan Rilis: Origami Algo V1.0.2

- Fixed alert conditions not functioning properly
Catatan Rilis: Origami Algo V1.0.3

- Updated and improved the dashboard volatility formula
Catatan Rilis: Origami Algo V1.1.0

- Complete dashboard overhaul which now offers much more customization
- New "Hotzones" gradient feature for the Reversal Clouds
Catatan Rilis: Origami Algo V1.1.1

- Cleaned up dashboard
- Added "Device Type" option in the dashboard settings for mobile users to revert to old dashboard
Skrip hanya-undangan

Akses ke skrip ini dibatasi hanya bagi pengguna yang telah diberi otorisasi oleh penulisnya dan biasanya membutuhkan pembayaran untuk dapat menggunakannya. Anda dapat menambahkannya ke favorit anda, tetapi anda hanya akan dapat menggunakannya setelah meminta izin dan mendapatkan aksesnya dari pembuat skripnya. HubungiOrigamiAlgo untuk informasi lebih lanjut, atau ikuti instruksi penulisnya dibawah ini.

TradingView tidak menyarankan membayar untuk sebuah skrip dan menggunakannya sampai anda telah 100 % mempercayai penulisnya dan memahami cara kerja skripnya. Dalam sebagain besar kasus, anda dapat menemukan alternatif open-source yang baik secara gratis di Perpustakaan Publik kami.

Instruksi penulis

Purchase access today: https://origamialgo.com Read our documentation: https://docs.origamialgo.com Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/origami

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This shit just pure wet. Like fiji water.
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tawtis itsluis
@itsluis, How insightful luiss.
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This is just in infancy & already blows it outta the water. The future is bright w Origami
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Currently beta testing this algo, and so far, I am extremely satisfied with it. As a beginner trading with little to no experience, Origami Algo helps me find plays and patterns I would not see in the first place.

I am extremely happy and look forward to the future updates. One of the best algos out there, and it's only in beta/testing phase so far!
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This indicator is #certileng
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Thank you guys for the great effort you put in to this. I love the dashboard, full of useful information.
I use this as extra confirmation to my trading knowledge in order to execute better trades. Signals help me to stay in trades longer. Great features, all in one tool. Great customer service.
+1 Jawab