Currency Strength Chart

Catatan Rilis: 最新のバーに通貨の名前が表示されるよう追加しました。
Catatan Rilis: 軽微な変更。
Catatan Rilis: - `precision=0` を追加しました
- 水平線を20と-20の位置に追加しました
- 通貨名のラベルの表示を切り替えられるよう「Display Currency Labels」を追加しました
Catatan Rilis:
  • 取引所を選択できるように設定項目に追加しました
Catatan Rilis: V4 で書き直しました。
Catatan Rilis:
  • Add an option "Difference Histogram"
  • Add an option "Switch Lines on/off"
  • Add an option "Switches each currencies on/off"
  • Add an option "Switch Chart Inverted"
  • Changed Label Style
Catatan Rilis:
  • Added an option "Select Resolution"
  • Added alerts that is noticing when the STRONGEST/WEAKEST is updated.
Catatan Rilis:
  • Added a choice of ResoType "Use Lookback Number" and an option "Lookback Number". If it selected that chart doesn't reset.
  • Added Histogram's MA in chart and the options
Catatan Rilis:
  • Modified a function "get_val_d"
  • Added a option "Session Breaks"
  • Added a option "Histogram Colors" It could be choose "auto" or "Red & Green"
  • Added a option "Histogram Line Width"
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Honestly the best currency strength indicator and ive literally tried all of them , even currency heatwave app. The 30 minute timeframe 8 period works like a charm. I would love to see it take the last 3 to 4 period angle of the currency strength line and factor it in strength/momentum if that makes sense ;)
+10 Jawab
@boitoki , many thanks for this great indicator.
Is there a possibility to adjust the code so that it only plots the currency pair being viewed in the main window ?
boitoki Fish8167
@Fish8167, Thanks.
Sorry, I don't have its plan for now.
Sure, it’s useful to be selected automatically, but it’s less flexible.
If I find a nice idea, I’ll implement it.
Currently, You can choice currency pair by option parameters.
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