This script gives you an approximation of the APR you can get when using the technique of Rebalancing.
Further discription are embeded in the script.

- Start date: Choose start date
- Settings: Change settings to your own needs
- Base currency: Select Base currency
- Portfolio: Select the coins (MAX 9 pcs .) you want to use in your portfolio for the rebalancing algoritm
- Click "Data Window" to see the APR (appr.)

It can be used to all markets.

Some Exchanges don't go very far back in the past and for this reason this may have impact on this Indicator.
Make sure the coins you selected are available at the Exchange you select in the settings section. If you dont do this, the script generates an error.
Catatan Rilis: Updates:
- Amount of coins reduced to 2 to make rebalancing with Exchanges easier
- Rebalance momentum is now visible (yellow arrowup)
- Rebalance happnes only when the value of the trade is equal or greater then $10
- Placing orders (will be later activated)
Catatan Rilis: Changes:
- Showing the Initial Rebalancing moment
- Rebalancing when goes LONG/SHORT
- Minor Layout fixes
Catatan Rilis: Updates:
- Invest more after a rebalance took place (Reserve Investment)
This seems to have a (huge) impact on the APR
- Pay back the money you inbest during rebalancing
- APR shown in a table on the chart
- Minor Lay-out changes.
Catatan Rilis: BTC as base currency is now available.
Catatan Rilis: Updates:
- Upgrade to version 5
- Rebalance Modes available: Periodic or Treshold
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