This strategy is only for GBPUSD on 1h chart.
You can get maximum 1 signal per day, so you have to watch the chart only a few minutes per day.
The signal to buy or to sell will apper at 2pm or at 3pm or at 4pm UCT+2 (Rome).
With the signal you will see 2 lines to set Take Profit and Stop loss.
If the position doesn't reach the TP or the SL you have to close the position at 1pm of the day after (TP and SL change to exit_trade)
The idea behind this strategy is to gain because of the afternoon volatility for this pair.
You can modify the amount to invest.
The standard version is set for a initial capital to invest on this strategy of 1.000 USD, and every trade is set to invest around 4,5% of the initial capiatl, so the SL is around 45 USD. This is very important for the Risk Management, and has a Risk/Reward ratio around 2.
Looking at the equity line we see a profit almost 3 times the initial capital, and a DD of 1 third of it.

To use this strategy subscribe at 40€/month. Find more on my FB page.

Wish you the best guys!

Catatan Rilis: Hi guys,

the previus version didn't close the position at 1pm but a 2pm.

I fixed it, now it works great!

Enjoy your wallet!

Catatan Rilis: In this version TP and SL appear at the beginning of the hour signal instead at the end. So you can open the position and set TP and SL just in once!

Enjoy your wallet!

Catatan Rilis: Hi guys!

I made a new step to make this strategy easier.
Now you don't have to watch the chart at 1pm (utc+2, Rome) because I made a succesfull change in the script.
So now at 2pm you close the position, and only at 3pm and at 4pm you can have a signal to trade.
Less time, more profit!

Enjoy your wallet!

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Leverage x200 because SL is tight!
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